VISTA PLUS L, automatic spiral refrigerated 3° C vending machine for the sale of snacks, confectionary, sandwiches, yogurts and other fresh perishable foodstuffs, cans and bottles. Available in different versions to fit all needs.


• Selection interface with touch screen technology multimedia: monitor 46” full touch to replace the showcase.
• Appealing and intuitive menu with picture products, descriptions and ingredients for a consumer awareness.
• Digital signage to emphasize the customer experience with the publication of videos, news or special communications.
• Multimedia contents and configuration user friendly thanks to the innovative platform WinConfigTouch of Bianchi, the new Windows application.


• Attractive design, door with extruded aluminum frame.
• Stainless steel alphanumeric selection keypad with 12 push buttons.
• Wide 3.5” TFT LCD customisable colour display.
• Version with monitor 46” with touchscreen technology able to play multimedia contents.
• Anti-vandal coin introduction system.
• Pull product delivery area illuminated in picking phase product.
• Versions with a powerful lift for the distribution of delicate products.


Different versions that allow the creation of multiple combinations able to satisfy the needs of sales for a wide range of products.

• Equipped with a side compartment with 2 distribution columns for cans or bottles (68 50cl Pet bottles or 136 33cl cans). This version increases the product assortment and free up space in the display window for the more profitable products.
• Versions with a powerful lift for the distribution of fragile products.
• Versions with Electronics Tags for displaying prices, descriptions and promotions.
• From 6 to 7 trays, up to 8 spirals.
• Adjustable tray height.
• Product delivery door locking system, when the machine is in stand by.
• Product drop sensor.
• Large window illuminated by led.
• Low-emissivity glaze.
• Machine cabinet foamed to ensure complete isolation and prevent leakage with unnecessary energy consumption.
• Door lock with programmable code.
• Automatic self diagnostic control system.
• Refrigeration unit with a powered compressor easily accessible and removable.
• Standard multi-protocol electronics.
• Compatible with telemetry.

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