Telemetry systems for vending machines

Gr Vending offers Jofemar’s telemetry tools to optimize vending systems, adjustable to any vending operator characteristics.
These tools not only include accountancies control but they can also inform on real time about incidences as out of product, control machines users, or update prices simultaneously on a machine group.

Compendia system

The Compendia system is a complete solution to the needs on controlling product payments and dispensed products in places like sport clubs, hotels, learning centres or working centres. With this system is possible to automate all the transactions for products or services on this kind of locations, offering full traceability on real time and allowing customizing the possibilities for product consumption to each user. The system management is made from a centralize server which maintains the whole control of every sales points, being able to access to its data from the central location or remotely. The communication among the full system is made on real time or periodically depending on the project needs. This way is possible to offer to the location administration a fast and precise management of all services. Although Compendia is specifically aimed at controlling products dispensing and card payments in close environments/ at closed loop, it can be used as a data transferring tool for VendingTrack. Through this latter system, vending machines can be managed more efficiently.   • Download technical features     • Download catalog

Vending Track system

Today, optimal vending management requires adapting to new technologies. Current advances in telecommunications and computer technology allow you to control your machines remotely, helping you to earn increased profits and provide better Service. Make your machines more profitable by knowing their current product stocks, audit figures and status without the need to visit them physically. Our system offers you unlimited possibilities, allowing you to manage accounting data, routes, machine status, reports and many other operator configurable options. There is no doubt that our latest control tool will become an Indispensable assistant, both In remote management and fort on-site data capturing at your points of sale.   • Download technical features