J130 CK


The J130 card and key reader is the most complete cashless system available on the market; the latest advance offered by Jofemar thanks to its continuous innovation efforts in vending systems. Providing increased convenience for users in their purchases, this unit is the best and most profitable option on the market, offering magnetic card, microchip card and magnetic key capability in a single reader. The readers offers superior reliability and security in all payment options, card recharging and machine and audit management thanks to Jofemar developments aimed at obtaining the highest possible profitability in normal consumer environments.

Technical characteristics
– Unlimited number of operator-programmable cards and keys.
– Recharging and sales controls for up to 65.500 users.
– In Jofemar machines and compacts, the terminal allows for programming of all options and accounting data management (exclusive RS232 communications).
– Programmable accounts closing dates.
– Three encryption levels for complete security against fraud attempts.

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