Coffeemar G250


The Coffeemar bean-to-cup brewer is the first and the only one in the market to incorporate a pressured valve, ensuring the whole coffee brewing cycle is done with the perfect water pressure, even at the start, getting out from the first to the last water drop all the essence and flavor of the coffee. As well as this advance, Jofemar has introduced other innovations such an automatic regulation on the coffee grinding; by constantly measuring the pressure, the machine mechanically adjusts the grinder overture for a perfect thickness into the coffee brewer. With the model G250 Jofemar covers its expectancy on always offering the best coffee quality even for small locations, a machine which its dimensions and outer design makes it perfect for any surrounding.

Technical characteristics
– Up to 250 services.
– 15 selection buttons and 5 levels of sugar for each of them.
– 5 canisters for instant products and a canister for coffee beans.
– Capacity: Coffee beans: 2.300 gr, Powdered Milk: 1.700 gr, Chocolate: 1.350 gr, Sugar 2.100 gr, Instant coffee: 700 gr, Tea / herbal Drinks: 1.000gr
– Pressurised boiler: 370 ml.
– Lightened Panel of: 255 x 245 mm
– Graphic display for pictures and text of 92 x 53 mm.
– Two different cup-dispensing models depending on cup diameter: 65 to 67mm. and 67 to 69mm.
– Stir-stick dispenser can be adjusted for lengths between 75mm. and 115mm.
– Self-cleaning mixing circuit, product delivery and grinding assembly: Manual or automatic (programmable).
– Steam-proof sugar addition straight into the cup.
– Constant boiler water temperature control.
– Pressure valve for a constant pressure on the entire brewing cycle.
– Self adjusting grinding group for a prefect thickness of the coffee.
– Power Supply: 190/240V, 50Hz (Optional 110V).
– Max. Power: 1.100 watts.

Dimensions and weight
– Dimensions: 1500 x 500 x 561 mm
– Weight: 100 Kg

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