Argos 11


Wherever cigarette sales require a machine with an elegant, discreet design, the Argos series is the ideal solution. The pleasant simplicity of its exterior finish makes it a stylish component of any environment.
Its structure is designed for maximum storage capacity, while rugged construction and the best vandal-proof closing system available offer maximum security.
Compatible with all of Jofemar’s technical advances in the vending industry, such as telemetry, it provides maximum reliability against fraud and protection against sales to minors. Thanks to these and many other features, this machine will give you the best tobacco sales service for your customers.

Selection buttons: 24
Argos 11: 7 Channels for 40 packets each, 4 Channels for 38 packets each (Total: 432 packets)
Goya 11+3: 7 Channels for 40 packets each, 1 Channel for 38 packets, 6 Channels for 17 packets each (Total: 420 packets)

Technical characteristics
– Vertical channel storage and delivery for easier restocking.
– Graphic display with animations, graphics and text. Updatable to by USB.
– Channel-independent out-of-product detection.
– Continuous operational self-testing.
– Optional sales disabling systems for control of access by minors, in tune with current legislative trends in various countries.
– Max. Power compsumption 30 Watts.

Dimensions and weight
– Dimensions: 1600 x 478 x 415mm
– Weight: 86Kg

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