Vision MultiSeller


The Ideal machine to merchandise high value products or products in delicate packaging. This vendor delivers products comfortably at the consumer’s waist height. The elevator stimulates the sales alongside the brand opportunity of the rolling panel advertiser.
Incorporates the innovative EasyFlex system, the most effective way to adapt a vending machine to any kind of product and packaging.

Technical characteristics
– Capacity of up to 8 fully adjustable trays and up to 7 channels each.
– Ambient temperature
– FIFO system used to deliver products.
– Vend detection by photocells.
– Leds lightening system with on-off programming.
– Transparent area of 1462 x 473,5 mm
– Auto – self diagnostic control system.
– Flexible configuration. The EasyFlex system allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel. No additional spare parts are needed to create a new configuration
– Programmable torque and speed of the motors.
– Power Supply: 220-240 VAC (Optional 110 V.)
– Maximum consumption 25w

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions: 1825 x 800 x 935 mm. Weight: 296 Kg.

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