The Jofemar vending machine FOR ALL SIZES of ICE CREAM and FROZEN FOOD products. Quality manufacturing techniques result in an airtight storage chamber, which guarantees proper refrigeration and temperature maintenance. Guaranteed ergonomics thanks to pushbutton and product exit located at a height appropriate for any user (adults, children, and the disabled). Variable configuration ensures greater capacity and product diversity.

Technical characteristics
– Up to 10 trays with 2, 3 and 4 different selections on each. Merchandises from 1 to 40 different products.
– Automatic defrost systems, avoids ice blocks obstructing the air circulation
– Flexible programming to match up the slots, selections and prices: it allows linking several channels to one only selection. It dispenses products alternatively.
– Motorized product dispensing door for a perfect closing and isulation of the cabinet.
– FIFO inventory management for dispensing product, even when channels are joined together.
– Intelligent control of the mechanisms position by means of fotosensors.
– Continuous auto-testing of the operational status.
– Intelligent control of the product’ expiry date. It can be programmed in two ways: By the expire date or by temperature loss inside of the cabinet.
– Individual product expiry date; it avoid to dispense that product.
– All the products, in the event of a power supply cut off and when product has reached a high temperature for long time.
– Horizontal channel dispensers by means of plastic pushers and width product adapters; adjustment doesn’t require tool.
– Power supply 220-240 VAC.
– Max. power consumption 1050 Wats (only reached on defrost moments)

Dimensions and weight
– Dimensions: 1923 (1830 con apollos de metal) x 1045 x 921.5
– Weight: 440 Kg

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