Gourmet Vending machine includes a heating module that allows it to dispense prepared meals, pizzas, hot sandwiches and other fresh-out-of-the-oven fare in addition to soft drinks and refrigerated products — all with the same machine.
Heating time is programmable on a per-product basis, so each will be served in optimal condition, just right for immediate consumption.

Technical characteristics
– Electronic temperature control, programmable from 0.5 °C to 9 °C.
– Up to 10 produc trays with up to 5 product channels each.
– Continuous new product rotation: products are dispensed based on filling order (FIFO system).
– Intelligent, photocell-based mechanisms, correct vend and position control.
– Large, back-lit, front advertising panel of 1699 x 720 mm, includes products labels showcase.
– Continuous operational self-testing through messages on display: resettable automatically or through programming.
– Programmable product expiration date control.
– Horizontal product delivery using paddles and limiters adjustable to product width; no tools required for adjustment.
– Power supply 220-240 VAC.
– Max. power consumption 2.200 Watts, when heating only.
– Flexible channel, selection and price programming that allows you to link several channels to a single selection with alternate dispensing.
– Heating times individually programmable for each product selection.
– Maximum dimensions of products that can be heated: 130 x 170 x 200 mm.

Dimensions and weight
– Dimensions: 1830 x 950 x 910 mm
– Weight: 450Kg

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