Coffeemar 546G & Vision E – S


The Coffeemar 546G/535G is capable to control up to two Vision E-S or Vision E-S Plus vending units, this way on a small space the most tasteful coffee can be offered together with any demanded product.

Coffee beans: 3570 gr, Powdered Milk: 2450 gr, Chocolate: 2000 gr, Sugar: 3400 gr, Instant coffee: 700 gr, Tea and herbal Drinks: 1500 gr, Pressurised boiler: 370 ml

Technical characteristics
– Up to 500 services.
– 20 selection buttons and 5 levels of sugar for each of them.
– 5 or 6 canisters for instant products and a canister for coffee beans.
– Lightened Panel of: 329 x 273 mm
– Graphic display for pictures and text of 92 x 53 mm.
– Two different cup-dispensing models depending on cup diameter: 65 to 67mm. and 67 to 69mm.
– Stir-stick dispenser can be adjusted for lengths between 75mm. and 115mm.
– Self-cleaning mixing circuit, product delivery and grinding assembly: Manual or automatic (programmable).
– Steam-proof sugar addition straight into the cup.
– Constant boiler water temperature control.
– Pressure valve for a constant pressure on the entire brewing cycle.
– Self adjusting grinding group for a prefect thickness of the coffee.
– Power Supply: 190/240V, 50Hz (Optional 110V).
– Max. Power: 1.100 watts.

Coffeemar 546g /535 G: 1830 x 600 x 561 mm. Vision E-S/E-S Plus: 1830 x 800 x 1010 mm.

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